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Found 15th Jun 2009
For some reason bees keep coming in my room - like 3 a night if I have the window open, if I don't then it's fine. We've tried everything and keeping the window shut is the only solution, unfortunately it's getting a bit warm to do this now... so... I thought some kind of piece of net curtain covering just the open part of the window and velcro'ed on or something...

Closest after market product I can find is this:

Which as a hayfever suffer is probably a double benefit, however, 25 quid seems a bit steep for something I'm gonna stick across a 4-5 foot fanlight window!

Any ideas, or cheaper solutions?!

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Something to suit your needs was posted earlier today


I use several of them around the house and they keep everything out

have you got a nest in your loft

Original Poster

I don't think so Wickedteen - My dad's had a good look around there, and we've looked and plugged up any holes in cupboards / wardrobes to the loft etc - that was my first thought. There does seem to be a lot though

Didn't spot those posted earlier F4RR3LL thanks very much mate.

We have nests in our walls. We live in steel framed houses so its pretty easy for them to get into the walls via the foundations.

The other year I had one at the back, my neighbour had one at the side, I had one on my front wall under my girls bedroom and wasps nests at either side of my front door.

HA didnt wanna do anything about them, they said that bees are on the protected list and that wasps were a £40 charge to destroy.

Then one day we heard a noise from the bedroom, found about 25 bees, I was raging, they had obviously found someway of getting through the walls, we phoned HA straight away because obviously it was a danger, they sent out the guy who deals with this sort of stuff and he said that they can get in the smallest of holes, he killed the bees and said thats a bad wasps nest you have there, we said we know but they want a lot of money for it and we cant afford it so he did it for us for free too, was well chuffed.

*Touch wood* this year we've not had any at the front but we do still haev the one round the back.

I have had the nets from Lidl for several years and it keeps everything out - very impressed!


Something to suit your needs was posted earlier … Something to suit your needs was posted earlier todayhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/422400/insect-screens-2-pack-lidl-for-2-99/I use several of them around the house and they keep everything out

funny that, i was thinking last night i could do with something like this! cheers :thumbsup:
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