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    Have been quoted £850 for the supply and fit of a standard square Bay Window on a Victorian terrace from a local window fitter. Can anyone advise if this price is reasonable as I have never had a Window fitted before. Would get more quotes but I am busy with work. Thanks for your help.


    I assume it's a double glazed upvc one seems about right if the windows the large bays around 6 ft tall and 8 ft wife plus the smaller size. if it's the smaller size like a kitchen 4ft high by 6ft wide should be around half the price.


    8 ft wife



    Would you guys say all DG are generally of the same quality? Or are there some manufacturers I should stay clear of?

    ​they aren't all the same but I wouldn't say stay away from anyone of them it's more the specs u can look into e.g 70mm profile is standard these days less than this I wouldn't bother with hem ask them include vents and openers in the correct places where u want them as there are local manufacturers can't really recommend any to u other than the big names which are usually a rip off.

    you should get more than one quote and should give you some idea.
    i'm no expert, but i read on the internet and found some info.
    i'm in the process getting some quote for some windows.
    a lot of the spec like different style of windows, different material (wood,upvc, aluminium) and how many opening, how many windows, at which floor, different size, whether it need scaffolding etc will effect the cost.
    also make sure your installer is fensa registered, then you will protected against rogue trader
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    as above, get about 3-4 quotes, see the quality of work they offer, then go from there.

    Is the company FENSA or CERTASS registered. If not you may have some difficulty if you ever want to sell the house. Replacement of all windows and doors, unless they part of a new build extension, are subject to Building Control. Whilst you don't need planning permission in most cases, replacement of windows and doors are part of building regulations.

    Companies who are CERTASS and FENSA registered self certify their work. They have to install them to an industry standard and you are given a certificate which will be requested by any solicitor when you want to sell.

    £850.00 for a bay window maybe about right. It will be two guys for a day install and depending where you live £300 per day would be typical for the install cost. The window price depends on the size and style but you haven't said how big it is, you haven't indicated the style, all of which are factors in pricing and you haven't said how many opening sashes it has. I would also be careful if your house is in a conservation area with the bay window to the front elevation. For some reason conservation officers don't like people trying to upgrade their windows with ones that will never rot, will never need painting and are about a third of the price of a comparative timber window.

    Get three quotes but make sure all of them are FENSA or CERTASS registered. If any of the companies state they use an independent building inspector to sign off their works then that is ok too but ask them who they use so you can check they do work for them. We install windows as part our our maintenance contracts and we use an independent building control company. They will only work for companies like ours though and not the general public. You can check if the company is registered with FENSA or CERTASS by checking them out on their websites. Just in case whoever you ring lies to you as people do.

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