window tinting place in wigan area

hi there im after my windows tinting on my car,but after looking around there are alot of them about,just wondering if anyone has had them done or does them in the wigan area thats really good and recomended.



hiya hun, im from wigan and my partner knows someone, when he gets home from work il ask him where he had his done and let you know! xx

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cheers missgem


before you get it done ..know the law so you dont end up having to remove it

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before you get it done ..know the law so you dont end up having to remove … before you get it done ..know the law so you dont end up having to remove it http://www.carkeys.co.uk/features/everything_else/2276.asp

cheers for the link, i know the laws though

im getting a 10% tint on fron 3 windows anyways,but the back im going for 50%

i know the tint blocks light,but would you still be able to see out of a 50% tint,thinking of the kid.

basically i want to a bit of light in but still want to be able to see out of the back ok.


bottom line if you out tint on the drivers side windows and the old bill use tint master and your over the permitted limit, you will either have to remove it there and then or you will get a prohibition and in some cases only allowed to drive home, and if its at night you might even have to get it recovered ... so know whats allowed and whats not :thumbsup: and VOSA know whats allowed

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but if i have a 10% tint on the front and 2 front side windows(letting 90% through) and a 50% on the rear and the 2 rear sides(letting 50% through) thats within the legal limit isnt it,i mean 10% is nothing.

Hi hun it wasnt in wigan it was in Bolton and he thinks its called Reflex, he said he thinks they might of moved to near rose bridge in ince xxxx

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thankyou for your help.
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