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    I've recently had to reset my PC & its reverted back to windows 8


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    Is there any way to get windows 10 back? I did actually write this but it seems to have disappeared :-(

    Do the upgrade again:…ade

    Just agree that you use assistive tech don't worry they have no way of checking

    *cough cough* KMS


    *cough cough* KMS

    Won't need KMS as it'll automatically activate.

    You could download the Windows 10 media creation tool.

    You can use that to create bootable DVD or USB drive, It'll download Windows 10 automaticallyy ect.

    If you have already activated a copy of win10 on that machine then you can simply install the same version again and it will detect the previous activation and activate.

    Generally three considerations, existing personal data, cost and software source.
    Backup existing personal data as it may be otherwise lost in an upgrade.
    If your W10 system has been previously authenticated (activated) on MS servers, you can upgrade to / reinstall W10 and it will (should) re-activate on re-connection to MS servers without having to purchase.
    W10 installation software can be obtained via the MS Creation tool at…s10 or you can directly download an ISO suitable for creating a quaint DVD installation disc or USB installation stick by either visting the same page from a non-windows device or by using a Windows browser in non-Windows mode such as Opera browser developer mode replicating an ipad.

    You can use your w8 license key to activate W10. Use the 'accessibility' links above and upgrade. Once upgraded, personally I then use the reset feature to install a fresh copy of W10 as I find the upgrade a bit buggy.

    Do what shauneco said.

    As long as you had Windows 10 on this PC activated then it should allow you to re-upgrade to it and it should just re-activate. MS tie it to the hardware so you could even do a clean Windows 10 install.

    Download the Win10 Upgrade tool, run it and job done.

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    Thanks everyone just got in I'll try it now, not right good with these things
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