Posted 19th Jan 2023
I wondered if anyone had any success with the above combo? I've had a look at a few video's but when it comes to setup, they're all over the place - it seems as though each video has a different config when it comes to the setup!

I'm struggling to find a download for a suitable Win 10 ISO. \The only link I've found so far is to some rather random site that I don't fancy risking!

I only want it so that I could try running a couple of very lightweight tools for my photography. It would mean I didn't have to take my Win 10 tablet with me as I pretty much only use it for those (I've spent an age trying to find similar Android apps but they're both very specific utilities.

So if there's anyone out there who's managed to get it up and running I'd be interested to hear if you think it's worth the initial messing around and if so, which version you're running and where you downloaded the ISO.
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    I did come on here to highlight Win 10 ISO's are available from Microsoft but aLV426 beat me to it!! If you only need infrequent use, may I suggest you look at something like Teamviewer? It's a remote working tool but because Windows still runs on it's native hardware you get a far better experience. I use mine for family tech support, even my daughter who is away at Uni and on a Mac can benefit from me jumping on and helping out. The interface is surprisingly responsive even on 4G.
    Thanks for the teamviewer suggestion but I don't think that would work as the files would be with me and not on the pc (renaming them and extracting the embedded jpeg from the raw files).

    I've tried a LOT of different programs and utilities but the 2 I use are so quick and simple it makes sorting out hundreds of images at a time, very quick and easy. And when I come home with thousands of RAW files, it's great to have them all done (little by little whilst away) and I just need to copy them over and back them up.
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    Why bother? You need powerful hardware to emulate an x86 chipset to run a Windows environment and Android OS does not have the necessary driver support. There is an ARM optimised version, however Microsoft only licenses Windows on Arm to OEMs. It is possible to gain access to Arm builds by joining the Windows Insider beta program though...

    It's worth pointing out that you should only download the Windows ISOs from the Microsoft web site (it's free & legal to do so!) - you run the risk of installing a compromised version if you download it elsewhere.
    Why? So I don't have to carry another device just to run 2 basic utilities.

    I already mentioned the potential issue's from downloading from random sites, hence why I'm asking for recommendations - it's a pared down version of Windows, I'm not sure if they have something like that on their site
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    When you say android, in the context you've used, I assume you mean your smartphone?

    Even if you got the emulator working, as @aLV426 said, it's not going to work well.

    Here's the official Windows 10 ISO.

    There's no such thing as a 'light version' of Windows 10, it'll be changes that to be honest make minor impact. There is a Windows PE, which you could look into, but note the comment above.

    TeamViewer (or similar) would be the best solution; it does support file transfer. (edited)
    Yeah, through my phone. I understand the experience may well be a waste of time but if its not costing me anything and it's not likely to impact on the long term "health" of my phone then I'd like to give it a try. I'm not expecting much from it but if its no good then I'll just remove it and move on 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Teamviewer really isn't an option for me as I said. I'm invariably on patchy, third world internet connections and don't want to be spending an age waiting for gig's of photo's to crawl through. That's why I need to be able to do it locally. (edited)
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    I know, they've been around for years 🤷🏻‍♂️
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