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Posted 15th Dec 2019
Hi, any suggestions for a windows 10 PC for 11yr old? Under £400
Pretty sure he’d be wanting to play some games on it.
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Then give him some money for games (or money towards Microsoft Office) ?
A little bit tight at that budget if you're also after a monitor, keyboard and mouse
laptop or desktop?
generally I would say buy a reputable brand from a reputable retailer and try before you buy,
you are going to want 3 to 5 years wear out of it; buy a model that is less than 1 years old.

A few refurbed all-in-one desktops here…400

And a few refurbed laptops here in this filtered list…-i7

Just remove some of the filters on the left to see more options
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If you can wait till after Xmas dell usually has a decent sale on their refurbs, if not have a look at itzoo
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Sorry meant to say laptop. Thanks
whtnot15/12/2019 15:51

Sorry meant to say laptop. Thanks

see my edit above
Great thanks
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