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Microsoft have announced a revamp of the tried, tested and now trusted Windows/10 platform - the full product is still under development and won't be released formally until later in 2021/2022 but if you're feeling brave and want a look at what the latest version of what is arguably the world's most popular desktop platform, you can sign up to the Insider Preview programme.

The hardware requirements are understandably upped from the minimum required for Windows/10, although not excessively.

My view is anything less than 5 years old should be able to cope (either straight out the box, or with modest upgrades).

Worthwhile noting that this is essentially a beta version, expect frequent updates and/or occasional instability.

My recommendation is not to apply this to your "main" system unless (at the very least) you've made absolutely sure you've backed up everything to at least two generations, and even after transitioning, make sure you continue to back up until stable release.

Personal experience is that Microsoft tend to issue major version updates in a "two step" process, the first iteration can often be a bit ragged, the second is substantially a "bugfix"

We had V3.1, followed by the far better 3.11, then there was '95 which was "fixed" in 1998, ME was a bit of a non-event, but was soon upgraded to XP which although now unsupported and has known vulnerabilities is still pretty usable.

Vista was something most of us care to forget, but 7 more than made up for it, similarly 8 was a bit of an own-goal for Redmond, even 10 wasn't that well received at the beginning but even as a self-confessed fanboy of 7, I've eventually conceded that it's overcome it's teething problems.

Time will tell if 11 is just "10 with annoying new themes plus new bugs" or whether it's a genuine step forward.

I'm in half a mind to try this out, in the meantime Linux has come on leaps and bounds and has acquired a maturity and support base which is arguably the equal and sometimes beyond anything which came out of Seattle.

Your choice, I'm leaving the decision to you

Might see if it works on a virtualised system although I'm not pinning my hopes on it!
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