Found 13th Jan 2010
Hi all. I currently have windows vista ultimate x64 but want to upgrade to windows 7 but i have problems. Tried installing it plently of times but when the installation finishes it loads up and the screen go blank and doesnt do anything. I believe its the graphics drivers as i cannot install them passed 178.24 for some reason. Was just wondering if you knew how i could intragate them into the windows 7 disc please. Heard of vlite but not proply sure how to use it. Thankyou


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Allways do best way. Think it maybe my graphics card (XFX 9500GT 680MHz Edition 256MB DDR3 Dual DVI TV Out PCI-E)

I had this problem (plagued me for months) - it's either the graphics card, or in my case, the monitor. You'd think monitors were just plug and play... basically my monitor's embedded settings (EDID) were incorrect - Windows installation reads this then tries to display at settings that the monitor doesn't support. Therefore, a grey (or light blue) screen just stares back at you. Also does this on other boot time programs that read EDID data to set resolution and display settings.

Workaround was to connect another monitor to do the installation and then set a resolution using that monitor. Once done, reconnect and should work fine. I found no help for this issue whatsoever (and stumbled on the issue by chance really) on the forums or Google, so hope this can help.

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Oh right thats pretty weird lol. Yeah got a iiyama 26" 1920x1200 monitor so maybe why then :? Will try it 2mo i think. Cheers dude

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Tried booting with safemode does the same. When it loads up startup screen it makes that noise like clicky sound when you turn off your pc then goes to black screen as does nothing. Kinda dies

If you move your mouse around can you see the cursor move on the screen?
I had the same problem with my 7600GT. PC booted after installing but all I had was a black screen and a big cursor.

It may not be the same for you but for me it turns out there was a dialogue box way off past the left hand-side of the screen (like having a dual monitor display but not being able to see the monitor on the left). I tried the monitor on the 2nd DVI output and then even 2 monitors connected but still no luck.

If you have your cursor, place it in the centre of the screen and then move it up to about 2 thirds from the bottom. Now move left and carry on past the edge of the monitor - when you're a little bit across left-click and drag back to the centre of your monitor. If you're lucky you should have picked up the dialogue box (if not, keep trying) - I can't remember what it said or what it was for but after I dealt with the dialogue box I was able to get to the desktop and setup the display properties which sorted the problem.

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Nah dont even get a dialogue box. Couldnt you just press enter to pass this?


Nah dont even get a dialogue box. Couldnt you just press enter to pass … Nah dont even get a dialogue box. Couldnt you just press enter to pass this?

Nah, pressing enter didn't work. Do you at least have a cursor? Maybe try the right hand-side?

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Or cursor


Or cursor

Ahh, OK.

]This programme will let you add drivers to Windows 7 :thumbsup:

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Looks useful but abit much for me. Cheers
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