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Has anyone seen any good deals for WIndows 7 recently and is it worth getting? I recently had to completely wipe my laptop drive as it was stuffed and installed linux on it just so I could get an operating system working. I like it but I can't get itunes or football manager (the important things) on it and figure I'm going to have to get Windows 7 and go back to windows OS. I'm assuming I will be able to install windows 7 over linux without a previous windows version on the laptop anymore.

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what os was on the laptop before it was wiped?

Try 'Wine HQ' for installing windows apps on linux. Also if you have a valid product key you could download the correct operating system and enter the key.

This maybe a little old, but iTunes can be run on Linux (Ubuntu) via wine.


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It was vista before hand. But pre-installed so have no dvd's or cd's to back-up.

Tried that wine thing, got a few things working but in all honesty it's confusing me no end.
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