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    Hey huys,

    Have been trying to install windows seven on an IBM R50 but its having none of it, this is the windows 7 fresh install, It is saying that it cannot detect any hard drive

    Any Ideas?



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    any one with a decent idea?

    i got a way round this, i took the hard drive out and put it in another laptop and installed it there, then put it back in the other laptop to finish it and it works a treat, dont worry about drivers as once its finish it will connect to the internet and get the drivers it needs, good luck

    or if it is a sata drive put it in your pc and install

    What's the Type number of your laptop please?

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    What's the Type number of your laptop please?

    type number??

    Look on back. Usually a 7 digit number that identifies the exact spec and should allow me to pin point the correct SATA controller drivers.

    Just put windows 7 on ours ( well huns did )
    Your laptop has pent 1.4g 512 ram ?
    Quite an old laptop hun? 2004 edition?

    Before u tried installing u should have got the windows 7 upgrade advisor, run it on your old OS to see if your laptop could take windows 7...
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