Windows 7 and wireless connectivity problems

    I upgraded to Windows 7 on friday, and now my computer seems to have forgotten, or at least part of the time forgets, that it can infact connect to my wireless network.

    Signal is not a problem, and it will connect straight away almost anywhere in the house apart from my bedroom. Infact - if i connect it downstairs and go to my room it works fine for a while. Then sometimes i'll run mobile broadband for an hour or so, and then Sky will connect.

    This was never a problem with Vista...

    It's a 32bit system, and I have tried resetting the wireless adapter and the router...


    Oh no! Do you get any messages or does it just drop out?

    Original Poster

    Just drops out - and troubleshooter says I should put the password in again, which i do. It then resets the adapter - then tells me to check the router - and none of it works. Just connects again when it feels like it.


    i had to reset all my router settings and then my adapter settings and ive had no probs since

    it changed back to wep instead of wpa2 somehow
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