Windows 7 Beta

    If I install it, can I still use Vista? (the one im using now)

    And if I can't, can I restore it to a point before I installed Windows 7? Thanks guise.


    you can install it on a separate partition, so you can then go back to vista.
    i dont think there is a rollback function though.

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    ahh how would i do that? i've got linux on a seperate partition i dont mind uninstalling
    would i have to put windows 7 on a cd and then boot it off there?

    yeah if you already have a "spare" partition, just burn the beta to a dvd and boot off it and follow the prompts. Just remember to choose the right partition !!!

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    ahhh thanks babba

    It's virtually identical to Vista bar a few improvements and aesthetics (it does run a lot smoother, no more stupid security questions all the time) if it saves you the hassle of installing it. Else you can install it in a virtual desktop and just run it from there.


    It's virtually identical to Vista bar a few improvements ....

    if you said that to the hundreds of MS developers who have been coding like frenzy to get something out the door that is praised (after the public relations nightmare of vista) I suspect there would be mass suicides ;-) i think they've done a good job.
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