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Ok, so I was tricked by currys, they told me this laptop would be eligible for the windows 7 upgrade. A few weeks later, I find out it isn't after visiting the acer website. Emailed currys, they told me to go to store to resolve this issue. I know it won't be resolved. Anyone know any good deals for windows 7 when it comes out? I know the 49£ is over now but is there anywhere I can get it for cheap?



i'd wait for currys as you could get them done for false advertising/misleading you so they will try and sort it

What version of Vista is currently on the laptop?

I ask because you can only upgrade from certain versions of vista to certain other versions of W7.

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home basic,

i asked the person working there if it will be eligible for upgrade to windows 7, and he said yes it will. It didn't say it anywhere else


tescos - £50
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