windows 7 help

    can someone check whether this works for them as it doesnt for me........

    go to your desktop and just click any icon- does a sound occur?

    to enable this feature, right click on your desktop and click "personalise" then go to "sounds" then look at that list and click "select" then browse and select a sound press test to hear it and apply.

    then go back to your desktop and hopefully a sound is made when you click on a icon.

    for some reason i hear no sound when i click on the icon, vista and xp work perfect.

    any advice?


    No sounds like that have ever worked on mine. not even when i click test.

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    aha it seems a windows 7 problem as no problemo in xp/vista

    how do i report this to microsoft? any links?


    Not a clue, thought they would release a windows update or something. But Microsoft, nothing is ever so simple.
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