Windows 7 Home Premium (full version) £94.97 @ Tesco Direct

    Windows 7 - Tesco don't honour the price if the item is 'undelivered'
    Payment is taken immediately.
    Item might be delivered early, so it may be returned early.
    Tesco don't email when item has been dispatched.
    Tesco don't respond to emails regarding replacing damaged items - only a refund is given.
    (So you will have to order at the new higher price)
    (complaints to Claire Gill, Tesco, Dundee, Head office)


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    Apologies for re-post should have been posted as a deal.

    Ordered Windows 7 Home Premium Full Version from Tesco in September when the price was £49.99, Citylink attempted to deliver this item early on the 22nd October, then tried again a week later, it was then immediately returned to Tesco, not held. (Also unusually Citylink did not leave with a neighbour-were they told by Tesco not to - to increase the number of failed deliveries?)
    As I expected delivery the day after the release date ie. around the 24th, so expected to be able to pick up the item on my return, but as delivery was attempted early, it was also returned early to Tesco, so I was unable to arrange redelivery.
    Tried emailing Tesco but got no response, then phoned this morning, and Tesco are issuing a refund only, they will not honour the price, and expect you to re-order at the new price nearer £95. They are adamant this is 'company policy'
    This isn't the usual helpful Tesco, but one looking to make a quick buck from failed deliveries.
    Escalated my complaint and spoke to Claire Gill, a manager in Dundee who was totally unhelpful, and wouldn't even give me a name of someone senior to write a complaint to - just to send one to their generic address/generic email address i.e [email protected]

    If the item had been damaged they would have to send a replacement, so they are just being bloody minded.
    I've not accepted their offer of a refund as I intend to take it to head office, as the item was delivered early and therefore returned early, in relation to the published date of release of Windows 7.
    If that doesn't work I'll just stick with XP, or switch to a Mac, at least their £25 upgrade price has stayed consistent, Windows 7 is up and down - all over the place - probably about as stable as Windows 7 then.

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    Ambition: hopefully this can become the most negative post ever on, for their sheer lack of customer service. Spoke to Microsoft Business response team and they don't seem to give a damn either, so much for buying legitimate software!

    Here is the copy of the formal complaint I have sent to Tesco this afternoon:

    TREAT AS FORMAL COMPLAINT. Order shipped before 'general release' date+shipping time.

    Order number: xxxxxx
    City link tracking reference xxxxx

    I ordered Windows 7 on Sunday 13th September 2009. This was a pre-order due to be shipped after the Worldwide launch of Windows 7. The item was initially delivered early due to pending postal strikes (which meant several suppliers shipped from the 19th onwards)
    According to the city-link tracking info a delivery was attempted on the 22nd October at 17:50 (this is before the generally regarded release and availability of Windows 7, with regard to postage times required to ship the product)
    No email was received stating the item had been shipped early and it appears no card was left from City-link.
    A second delivery was attempted on the 29th October at 12.25, upon which City-link immediately returned the item (was not held at depot) - a card was left.
    Hoping to collect on the 30th I found the item to have already been returned to Tesco.
    I believe Tesco made an error in allowing the item to be returned before allowing customers to be able to pick up the item from the depot on the 30th (a minimum of 7 days after the first expected arrival date), and therefore I find it unacceptable that Tesco will only offer me a full refund, as the re-purchasing will now cost £95.

    I spoke to Claire Gill at your headoffice, and I have also spoken to Microsoft business response team regarding the issue. I found Claire Gill to be extremely unhelpful, and I did not receive the level of customer service I have been led to expect from Tesco, and one of the reason I use Therefore I wish this matter to be discussed at a level higher than Claire Gill at your Dundee office.

    As this is an formal complaint, please respond within times stated by your complaints procedure.

    I will only accept that the item is re-sent, with email notification of this.

    Yes, I too fell foul of their delivery policy on this, not that I read anywhere when I was ordering it that it had to be signed for at my address. City Link have in the past read and taken heed of the note next to my door (permanently) that if there is no answer, deliver to house directly opposite.
    I spoke to a David Weaver on Saturday, after returning from a long holiday and he said that he would contact Ingram Micro and find out what had happened and get it re-sent. He also said he would phone me or, get Ingram Micro to do so, on Monday or Tuesday. He did neither and when I phoned yesterday and spoke to Paul Henry, (who told me he was the duty manager) he told me same as OP, 'have to do a refund'
    I'm taking legal advice on it.

    As above thread is still active and in the correct forum, this one will be moved shortly. Thanks.
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