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A quick question please.

My PC is now stable as I removed the software that has been crashing my PC and [touch wood] it's been fine since.

It's got Vista on it but I've never been able to install any service packs (they keep erroring and failing).

So I've got windows 7 ultimate now and am about to install it.

Am going to do a complete clean install (I've backed up my photos, music, docs etc) but if for any reason it fails, can I install XP, rather than Vista? I didn't create any back up discs when I first bought the PC, hence have no Vista discs, but I do have the discs for XP?


Yes you can. but will need product code? Should take windows 7

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Yes you can. but will need product code? Should take windows 7

Cheers, yea have the code for XP if needs be

You may install XP providing that your hardware can be supported by XP drivers.

The update issue you experienced with Vista can easily apply to XP too. If .NET framework is not installed (or is corrupt) many of Windows updates do not install since their installers are written using .NET code.
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given the time and inclination you could hunt down the vista service pack install problems but since you now have a win7 option go for it, in my experience win7 installs are usually pretty reliable as is the OS. certinaly a massive improvement over vista in every way i can think of.

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Why oh why does my PC go wrong?!?! I tried w7 on my sons laptop as a trial and fine (and IRS an ancient laptop!!)

Just tried on my gateway PC and it's gone to recovery factory mode????

Hubby is gonna kill me!

And its still on the Please wait.......

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It's doing a factory install, by the looks of it!

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Ok all back to vista (which is good and bad!!), but a friend believes that my pc may have had a partition that has overridden the win7 install. So I just need to wipe that out, and then. Shd be able to install win7. I may save that for another day though !!
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