Windows 7 keys on Ebay are they legit ?

    Seem quite a few for sale, , where do they get them from are they legit ?

    Is it a good way to get W7 cheap ?


    i think its safe to say, theyre not legit..

    Not worth it to be honest, they may be from a keygen


    You can't say for sure, but it seems way to risky to.... risk. Windows 7 is reasonably cheap anyway
    Do a quick google search and you can get a windows 7 key, from keygens etc.... and they may work for installation but not activation

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    One guy selling has over 3000 feedback at 100% , lots of people seem happy.

    probably MSDN or Technet subs, he most probably is breaking Microsofts EULA

    Yeah happy enough until their system updates and it goes BOOM!!!!

    If you dont get a COA sticker its not legit,

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    If you dont get a COA sticker its not legit,

    You dont get one when you download from MS ?

    If you want W7 legally, then surely the best bet would be to have someone with an .edu or whatever email address set you up with the 30pound deal?

    If you're going to go down the non-legit route, grab the latest BiE fully intergrated release which is fully activated - don't give your money to anyone trying to profit from selling debatable keys!
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