Windows 7 / Partition / Recovery + will i have to reactive?

Found 6th Jan 2010
I know windows 7 has a recovery option that supposed to allow you to restore from an image you created earlier but now sure if this puts on a fresh copy of windows like factory reset ect. with out having to reactive everytime

I am basically looking to store a image of my windows 7 after it has been activated on my hard drive in a spare partition and then later recover it if needed to reset my pc back to like it was after a fresh install.

But what i want to know is

A - will i have to reactivate every time i have done factory reset/restore to fresh install

B - Be able to restore from a separate partition that can be made hidden like the pre built factory versions

The pc is custom made and basically got a version of Pro that can only be activated once
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If you do a full pc backup, no you don't need to reactivate it, it literally makes an image of your hard disk
As above mentioned by it will not ask to reactivate, as long as it is the same computer hardware.

Even if you do a manual reinstall of Windows, the reactivation will go through without without a problem, as it is the same hardware the license key was originally activated on.

Should the computer go faulty and you replace the motherboard or a series of other components, you will be forced to re-activate Windows the next time you start Windows. At this point you may be forced to call a displayed phone number and explain the reason for the change of hardware.
I did exactly this but reinstalled my activated image on to a new pc. Had to call an automated MS activation line but no need to give a reason. They just de-activate the serial on the old hardware. Took about 5 mins to re-activate and freephone too.
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