Windows 7 / Partition / Recovery + will i have to reactive?

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Found 6th Jan 2010
I know windows 7 has a recovery option that supposed to allow you to restore from an image you created earlier but now sure if this puts on a fresh copy of windows like factory reset ect. with out having to reactive everytime

I am basically looking to store a image of my windows 7 after it has been activated on my hard drive in a spare partition and then later recover it if needed to reset my pc back to like it was after a fresh install.

But what i want to know is

A - will i have to reactivate every time i have done factory reset/restore to fresh install

B - Be able to restore from a separate partition that can be made hidden like the pre built factory versions

The pc is custom made and basically got a version of Pro that can only be activated once


If you do a full pc backup, no you don't need to reactivate it, it literally makes an image of your hard disk

As above mentioned by ]jayjayuk1234 it will not ask to reactivate, as long as it is the same computer hardware.

Even if you do a manual reinstall of Windows, the reactivation will go through without without a problem, as it is the same hardware the license key was originally activated on.

Should the computer go faulty and you replace the motherboard or a series of other components, you will be forced to re-activate Windows the next time you start Windows. At this point you may be forced to call a displayed phone number and explain the reason for the change of hardware.


I did exactly this but reinstalled my activated image on to a new pc. Had to call an automated MS activation line but no need to give a reason. They just de-activate the serial on the old hardware. Took about 5 mins to re-activate and freephone too.
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