Windows 7 Professional

    Hi All

    i am looking to buy the full version of Windows 7 Professional
    the best price i can find is £150, can anyone find a better price then this?

    thanks in advance


    If you happen to know a University student (or someone that still has a valid address) that would get it for you, try this;…er/

    If you look in the bottom right corner of the page, you can see that Windows 7 Pro is available for 30 pounds. Just bought a copy for my dad.

    Hope this helps!

    If you have a child or are a teacher then try [url][/url] and you eill be able to get the Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade) for £59.95.

    I did a bit of searching and have found that you can do a clean install with this without entering the serial, reboot and then run setup again once again and 'upgrade' your Windows 7 install and enter the serial :-D


    Original Poster

    Hi thanks all

    but i am after the Full version

    READ THIS, POST 10…ail

    and try a little searching and reading next time and reading what mjaddis said above ;-)
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