Windows 7 Professional key

    Are you allowed to sell this without proper certificates?

    Just have 1 windows 7 professional key thats not been used that's all, and it's compatible with 32/64bit.

    Lost all association with it - Fortunately, I back all the keys I have on my spare USB stick.

    If not, not too worry ill stick it on eBay.


    No you can't sell it without a COA. The key always remains property of Microsoft.


    That said, anything goes on ebay. . . . . . .

    You'll be able to sell it on eBay, but they remove listing quite often for the reason stated above. Put it as a 1 or 3 day listing and you should hopefully get a sale.

    I've sold a couple of COA stickers on eBay before, but had some trouble with them getting removed. In fact, they were removed after the buyer had paid and I has posted the COA to him - the end result was no fees for me!
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    Original Poster

    haha, nice.

    Ill probably do that then!

    I think that you should be able to sell the key. no reason why not imo
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