windows 7 question

    does any1 know if i buy a laptop for my mum with vista on and take out the upgrade to windows 7 can i use it on my laptop, or will it only be able to be used on the new laptop cheers


    The disc will be shipped by the manufacturer of the laptop, so it will probably have some sort of protection on it to stop you from using it on another machine.

    I am personally interested in the answer also and whether there are any workarounds or not, so if I find anything in the future that states otherwise I will be sure to update this post/pm you :thumbsup:

    All I know so far is that it will only work from retail copies of XP/Vista or if you are on the RC of Win7. So if your on an upgrade copy of Vista I am not sure if it will work, I think it might know your not on the retail copy and refuse to install. It might be worth picking up an RC Win7 serial and iso from Microsoft just incase, as it should work from that no matter what.
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