Thinking of buying Windows 7 software
    Anybdoy tell me which one and where to buy from?

    Thanks Very Much!!!


    I bought mine using the Student discount thing for £35 I think... Much prefer it to Vista. Crashes a lot less now!

    Upgrades can be bought cheap and a clean install can be done or if you want retail box look on ebay and you could get home premium new boxed for around the £80 mark.

    got mine off a mate...

    running home premium now.. pdg if i do say so

    How about for us non-students? Don't need a box or anything, just a key and the software.

    There are two packages of Windows 7 you can buy.

    There is the RETAIL package and the OEM package.

    The RETAIL package comes in a nice box and can be bought in places like PC World etc. This include SOME support from Microsoft if you need help.

    Note you can buy the FULL version of Retail or the UPGRADE Version of Retail (if you already have Windows on the PC).

    The OEM package (which is a bit cheaper) just comes in a sleeve (no fancy box) and is mainly for system builders (people who MAKE computers), but generally anyone can buy it. You can get this from Amazon, ebuyer etc.

    There are 3 VERSIONS of Windows:

    Windows 7 Home Premium (cheapest)
    Windows 7 Professional
    Windows 7 Ultimate (most expensive)

    For most home users then Windows 7 Home Premium is fine (the other 2 offer extra features for more advanced users).

    So with 3 different VERSIONS, a two types of PACKAGES (retail or OEM), plus upgrade to consider, buying Windows 7 is not that easy.

    To keep it simple I would go for Windows 7 Home Premium, but unless you can take advantage of the student offer it is going to cost you nearly £100…8-1

    The upgrade is £68…8-2

    The OEM version is about £75…8-9

    >Thinking of buying Windows 7 software

    See my append above for some Windows 7 information.

    Can you tell us what you plan to DO with it (this will help us give you the right advice for the correct version on Windows).

    Is it a computer that already has Windows on it, if so which version (XP, Vista etc)?

    Or is it a new computer with no software on it (new build maybe)?

    Have you ever installed Windows before (we can give you extra advice)?



    Doesn't have the box and long instructions, or support after 90 days but cost's half the price.
    You can only make 3 changes to your pc with it though, and a motherboard change is not included



    You can just ring them up after a motherboard change though and they will … You can just ring them up after a motherboard change though and they will reactivate it.

    Didn't know this. Surely this deems the restriction pointless
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