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    I originally ordered Windows 7 Professional from Software4students however it got lost in post or something, so I cancelled the order and got Ultimate. Today I got an email from software4students sying it had been dispatched, I called them up and they told me to send it back to them within 7 days.
    Problem is I'm leaving for abroad on sunday for 3 weeks, which means I wont be able send back till I return, by which time it'll be too late.
    Not sure what to do, don't want to be lumbered with something I no longer need.
    Could I sell it on ebay at some point? I think its only a jewel pack disc,
    Any one got any suggestions?


    ill buy it off you, start up a thread and give me first refusal. How much was it?

    This company are complete numpties I ordered the same software which got lost in the post so I asked for a refund which they promptly gave us. On checking our cc statement they never took the money in the first placec. Also found out I could get the software free from work anyway.

    the distance selling regulations state you must notify the company of your intention to return the item within seven days, not that you must actually return the item within seven days.
    Also as this is their mistake it is in breech as the contract has already been cancelled.
    You could also just try and make sure no one accepts the delivery, that way it will be sent back without cost to you
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