Windows 7 Student Discount Deal

Found 27th Jan 2011
I was going to use my ex-Uni email address to get a cheaper copy of Windows 7 but have noticed the terms have changed. They now specify an email address AND certain conditions connected to the course you are enrolled in.

I am a student now too but not doing 15 hours a week. I'd like to chance it if I could get away with it but has anyone aware of MSFT catching people out?

Its just they are charging a decent whack for Win 7 and wouldn't like them to catch me out and charge me over £100 for the priviledge.

Oh one more thing...can I still do a clean install with the 'upgrade'?
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get it from

best place for cheap software it seems, think u just need an email address, might not even need to be a legit one
I read their T&C and they are definately more enquiring than MSFT.

hmm well i know a chap who did it with a certain persons email address and it was all sweet, its legit stuff, at the end of the day you just need to know sum1 who is a student or a teacher to be suitable, go software4students there will be no hitches
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