Windows 7 upgrade

    My wife has a laptop which came pre-installed with Vista but not the CD's

    Can anyone just tell me if i buy her the upgrade to Windows 7 will it be asking me to put the Vista CD in at any point or should i just note down the serial number?

    Whilst askign about the upgrade, will it create a restore point? She has loads that i'd need to back up in case all goes wrong so only really want to back up the important stuff and if there is a restore option that would be ok

    Thanks for any help


    Did my daughter's laptop upgrade form Vista to Win7.

    You don't need the original disks, or the Vista serial number.

    I can't remember for sure about a restore point, but there is an option when doing the upgrade to save off whatever you want (files, desktop, profiles, settings etc) & import it all into the new build.

    I would suggest a clean install of Win7 rather than installing it on top of Vista (even if the upgrade option is available. It might take longer and a bit more tedious but that would be more reliable imo).

    You can do an upgrade, and therefore conserve programs (mostly) docs, settings etc. or a fresh install. All that will be required is the code from the new disc sleeve sticker. If you bought the laptop relatively recently check the manufacturers website it may be eligible for a "free" ie pay post and packing, upgrade.

    you can upgrade certain versions of istaa to certains versions of Windows 7
    You cannot for example upgrade a vista home basic to Windows 7 Ultimate
    Check the microsoft website out for exactly which versions will upgrade

    However as to a full version of Windows 7 not upgrade, you can put any version on the laptop and if you only have an upgrade version of the Windows 7 disk, do a full install dont put the serial number in, then once its installed upgrade that install with the exact same disk, this time put the serial number in, that will work perfectly

    as stated before a full install is best

    here's the full upgrade paths

    Original Poster

    Hmm, full install seems ideal but does it not just wipe everything you already have installed on the laptop? Laptop is already bit too old for the free version which is a shame as not by much!

    Lots of programs on it running that have downloaded, paid for etc that could be wiped and would take forver to back up all of it

    Also seems a lot more expensive for full version if an upgrade can do the same thing?

    Thanks for help, all useful stuff

    in that case do the upgrade, that keeps all the info.

    Just use the chart above to check wich version of windows 7 is best for you

    If you already have the paid-for programs then all you need to do is to make a note of the serial keys, then once you've upgraded yuor O/S download & install the latest version of the programs from the websites, enter the serials & you're sorted.

    Before you do anything, make a list of all the programs that are currently installed & will still be wanted after the upgrade - make a note of website details, serial numbers, company name, product name etc.

    Copy all important files, documents, piccies etc to an external source.

    Upgrade the laptop.

    Re-install all the programs that you made a note of, and activate them. If you have problems then email the company - tell them you have a full licence & have upgraded your laptop & are having problems activating the program.

    Import all your saved files, documents. piccies etc.

    Have a nice rest & a cuppa!

    Original Poster

    Thanks Karen, very handy chart
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