Windows 7 Upgrade - Can I use Product Key from Full Version?

Found 3rd Oct 2010
Hey. I currently have an un-opened full version of Windows 7 Home Premium which I was going to use on my Home Computer, however I have just purchased a little netbook which comes with Windows 7 'Starter'. Does anyone know if I can use the serial number / product key off the full version disk I already have, to upgrade from the Windows 7 Starter pre-installed on my netbook? Or will this not be valid, and I will have to buy an 'upgrade key' from microsoft.

I did do a search for this online, but I couldn't find a website that directly answered the question I have.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help a confused computer user
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Why does it matter? Just do a clean install.

I really don't want to do a clean install, if I can just enter a product key. Im not good with computers and I will have to find and install all the drivers. This just confuses me.
try it and see, it will revert back to starter if key invalid

windows should have no problem locating the correct drivers for a little netbook anyway

i did an anytime upgrade and used a spare WIN 7 serial I … i did an anytime upgrade and used a spare WIN 7 serial I had

Thanks for your help
yes it will work %windir%\system32\WindowsAnytimeUpgradeUI.exe
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