Windows 7 upgrading help plz.

Found 30th Oct 2009
hi im currently using vista home premium 32 bit.

as a student, ive got the option to upgrade to windows 7 home premium or windows 7 professional, their both the same price at £30.

i ran the 'windows upgrade advisor' and it told me to get windows 7 home premium.

does this mean if i get professional it wont work?

and if i get home premium will i be able to clean install or will it install over vista like an application?

the site says win 7 pro needs clean install.

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The Pro version has additional features that may require higher specification computer.
However the core features available to both (i.e. mostly everything) have the same requirements.

The main additional feature on the pro version is Windows XP virtualisation, which allows you to run Windows XP virtually inside Windows 7.

Comparison between versions:…are

Specification Requirements: (note additional requirements at bottom for extra features)…spx

As for the upgrading issue, computers will always perform better if you backup your files, then do a clean install and put your files back / install programs manually.
just get pr0, there is a comparison on the Win7 webby to show the differnces most notably the XP virtual thing

or premum, both are good...

also i suggest doing a clean install, dont bring all the vista problems and junk over!
Should always use a clean install anyways, upgrade should not even be an option. People should learn how to store their data properly and then to be able to back it up to then be able to install a clean operating system.

You should check your CPU to see if it can even do Virtualization.
also u cannot do an upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit, that if ur cpu is 64 bit.
Go for Pro, unlike Vista it doesn't seem to be lacking anything compared to HP.
If Win7 Pro can run with no problems on a netbook I'm sure your machine can cope with it - go for Pro:thumbsup:
You can get both really you pay for one and in one of my threads they is a link where you get all windows 7 versions and the key will work on all of them as long as you only use one at a time
I got the info from digital river
ok thanks guys.

i think ill just get windows 7 home premium, i dont use a domain network and i dont think my laptop can run that xp virtualisation thing.

btw will i have to get all the drivers for my laptop if i do a clean install or will they automatically be installed with the OS?

i got a sony VAIO VGN-N38E
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