Windows 7 Vs Snow Leopord OSX

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Found 23rd Oct 2009
Hey guys,

I`m really hoping that some one can help me decide.

Budget is 350-700 pounds.

I want some thing portable but not a Netbook or a CULV device. 13-14" would be best.

By options so far have been
*hp for about 450 with c2d 4gig,250gb
*dell studio 15/inspiron with the same specs as the hp for abt 450-500
* macbook 2gig ram for about 650 (duty free)
*macbook pro 2ghz,2gig ram,320gig hdd for 600 (used)

I have bad exp wit acer and I dont really like how toshiba looks..

please help


run both lol

ive just bought a mac book pro (student discount got it for £772) 13".

now running snow leopard and windows 7 with boot camp.

both running excellent!!

im a pc man my self but im trying osx out now and im impressed with it

I started using OS X about 6 months ago. I have it running on a Dell netbook and despite the system not being very powerful OS X runs quite nicely.

It's a very polished operating system and Expose make it easy to switch between windows when you're multitasking, etc. Also the OS is very slick and easy to use, once you get used to the slight differences.

That being said, Win7 is also excellent - Microsoft have copied many things from the Mac, such as the task bar having sticky programs like the Dock in Mac OS. Also you can search Mac OS using Spotlight, but again Microsoft have copied them.

Which do I prefer? Hm.... some things about the Mac are nicer, such as installing and uninstalling programs is unbelievably easy, the OS doesn't slow down over time because it doesn't have a crappy registry, and so on.

Windows perhaps has the slight edge purely because of the huge number of Windows apps and games available for it.

If you can, get both.

you can ever run both, if you use parallels (look it up, its amazing) basically open the virtual machine and open cohearence (sp) mode and it looks like a native app window with osx background if you know what i mean

Snow leopard is good for some things, Windows 7 is good for others.
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