Windows 7 VS Windows 8.1 Footprint Size?

Found 28th Jan 2014
Hi guys

I've searched google for an answer to this but can't seem to find anything concrete.

Basically I have a new Macbook Pro and would like to use bootcamp every now and then. It's a 512gb SSD and I've designated a small partition (Around 70GB or so) for Windows 7. I already have a couple games and other stuff installed, but have decided whether it would be worth switching now before it becomes more effort reformatting everything.

What I'm wondering is whether Windows 8 (8.1) will consume less space than Windows 7 and leave me with more space in the partition to install games and programs? I have made a number of tweaks to windows 7, such as disabling hibernation, page file (as I have enough RAM) and some other tweaks to save space. So I'm interesting in the base size of the install between the two bearing in mind I'll also plan to make these tweaks on Windows 8.1.

I've also heard 8 is more efficient. I'm not really interested in whether people think the UI is rubbish on 8 too, as I won't be using it much.

Thank you for any help
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