Found 1st Mar 2007
Anyone know the best price on Windows XP Pro or MCE2005 (OEM or Retail)? Im kind of desperate; broke my comp a week ago and the restore disks aint working. Been using Linux since then and its doing my head in!

If Vista turns out to be a better buy i might consider it but i'd prefer XP (only got 512MB RAM so Vista aint gonna run great)
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What ram are you using?

Why not get Vista Premium and another stick of 512mb ram for less than £100 using their bundle deals, just click on each bundle to find the ram that will fit your PC.
Its a laptop with 2x256MB sticks in, looked at replacing them before for some Crucial ones but its gonna set me back £80! Back when i was playing a lot of PC games it might have been worth it but these days all i use my comp for is web browsing, music playing and watching avi's etc.
Surely MCE 2005 is the way to go at the moment. All the benefits of pro plus the benefits of Media Center for same money isnt it?
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