windows 95 on floppy disc or other games, utils for win 95

just bought a really low spec laptop..like 50mhz, 8mb ram etc..anyway im gonna be using it for a specific reason..but any extras i can buy will be great. it only has a floppy drive, so will need to be on floppy disc. as the one on my pc doesnt work lol.

looking for some games that can play on really low spec machines? also does anyone know if you can play on dos, 3.1 games on win 95???

also any tips on what else i could use this machine for would be helpful, so i can make the most of it lol.

cheers for your help.


i read it somewhere you can use a linux distribution to make a low spec computer into powerful firewall. can't remember which one though.

btw, playing games on dos resolution isnt good for your eyes

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yeah i heard that too....maybe ill look into it.... im sure i can get free downloaded games etc that will play on my extremely low spec laptop lol.. just need to know what to search for i guess lol...thanks for the post

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still need this stuff if anyone has it..

You can play dos games on Win95, not sure you will be able to get Win 95 on a floppy but I've got Windows 3.1 on floppy though.

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win 95 on floppy is 22 discs worth i think lol

i have win 95 on the laptop just looking for games and utils aswell...

how much you sell win 3.1 on floppy for? you got any games/utils also? lmk

quake 1, doom, red alert 1
all on dos can be played...
i dont know the exact requirements but i played them on a 100mghz, 8m ram....1m video?!

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how much you want for them????
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