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I'm only using Windows Defender as my AV. I don't go on dodgy sites, so is this enough, or should I use Avast Internet Security that I bought 6 months ago?

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Use bitdefender.

Not enough. Your ISP would normally provide free security software as part of your package, worth checking.

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Not enough. Your ISP would normally provide free security software as … Not enough. Your ISP would normally provide free security software as part of your package, worth checking.

Really? I just don't see how I'd get an infection on the well known sites I use...

It's not just sites, its opening the wrong email attachment or even clicking on the wrong picture.


Use bitdefender.


If you bought the full version of Avast 6 months ago, I don't understand why you wouldn't use it. I don't go on dodgy sites either, but always use AV. Don't really see what you're gaining by not using the product you purchased.

Avira free should do the job. Does checks in background. Uses low cpu.

Windows defender is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, I did my own tests with files that I knew contained nasty exe's for example, kaspersky, eset and avg etc all found the dodgy files but Windows defender said it was fine! Just my advice, even the ones above would be fine also

I've only ever used Windows Defender since 2011
I also go on some dodgy sites but I know what to click and what to close
I also download lots and occasionally I also use torrents (but very very rare)
My main email is yahoo and recently it's spam folder has been nearly empty for the last week or so but any attachments I only download from people I'm expecting otherwise they don't get opened
It's about common sense and understanding and I think you have both

Just to add I also use Malwarebytes free version when I need to be sure of a download - but I also like Windows Defenders ease of use and Settings

And to add (once more) whatever AV you choose - run full system scan - the when clean/checked go into settings and ensure external devices (like USB) are protected and remove processes/files or folders from future scans that you know will never be a problem/infected

In basic terms once you protect downloads or external sources and you've previously scanned everything else once then there is no need to rescan the same files
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Its hard to recommend one nowadays. I'm an independant IT tech by trade, and I always find myself needing the boot time scan Avast has, which is pants, as avast is absolute botherware, constantly flagging up "presents" and deals on a daily basis, and plenty of little gremlins make it through.

someone will suggest malwarebytes as usual in this thread though. It's practically inevitable. Its creators and site has disclaimers saying "not an antivirus".

My final two cents? Never ever pay for security. Paying never makes anything more secure for anybody. Every year, do your research and find the most effective free antivirus at that point. It changes annually. Never stay loyal to any one product.

Yes you should have an anti-virus. I don't really like Avast but if you paid for it then why not use it.

I use the free version of Malware Bytes and have for years - you REALLY don't need to pay anything for an anti virus. The best security is common sense.

And for anyone reading this, DO NOT EVER use Norton or Mcafee anti virus software, they are a piece of **** full of crap. It's like paying for a book and getting a hand full of spam leaflets.

Also you should be using adblocking extensions for your browser. uBlock Origin is the better one right now, or you can use adblock plus.

if youre as confident as you think you are you wouldnt be asking the question. i work in i.t and dont use AV, because im comfy that if i ever lost my mind and clicked on "16 impressive inches" emails then id be able to get rid of the malware.

any free AV is fine, malware bytes as mentioned above is fantastic, as is super anti spyware.

Avast and Malwarebytes. Both free.
But remember to update and scan regularly-a lot of people think that once installed that's it.
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