I'm not very inteligent when it comes to computers so please bear with me!!! somebody told me to run 'windows defender' on my laptop so i've typed it in on the programs search and found it but it says its turned off and to turn it on press on the link to turn it on which i did but it takes ages then tells me the program has stopped and can't turn it on?? has anybody got any ideas how to do this? my comp already has microsoft security ess on it so do i need this turned on even?


If you already have an anti virus, then you dont need Windows defender, in fact some AV's insist on it being disabled.

If you dont already run an Anti VIrus then download something like Avira for free, as it does a better job than Windows defender

you say you already have Microsoft security essentials, then thats is your Antivirus program and it's a pretty good one for free. If Microsoft security essentials is running then there's no need to run windows defender as Microsoft security essentials is better and does more than windows defender.
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