Windows for PSP - NOT homebrew!…htm

    It is really cool. It is a flash and java based website stored locally that imitates windows. It has a calc, file browser, and loads more stuff inc. games. A must have download for PSP owners :thumbsup:


    gonna have a look..cheers...

    Looks cool, dunno if it would work on PSP's with custom firmware already running on it. Any idea?

    dunno well it says on ALL firmwares from 2.0 so not if u got 1.5 i guess but maybe the new dark alex 3.** one?

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    I think you need 2.x firmware and the PSP web browser. It is basically just a souped up website, so I can't see why it wouldn't work on any 2.x PSP. Bear in mind that PSP Tunes (bundled into PspWxp 3.6) needs 2.7 firmware, and flash enabled.
    This has a load of stuff on it, and takes your garden variety PSP to all new heights.

    Yeah but the most updated firmware even the dark alex custom firmware will have those official firmware bits and bobs, its the same firmwares just with things added to them

    its just a theme, like a skin. wont affect any OE firmware at all
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