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    We have an old IBM laptop we use as a backup thats running XP SP2. Anyway work gave me an Orange 3g USB stick so I decided to try it on this laptop first - all seemed to go ok, it connected fine and downloaded an AVG update. However when it restarts now it wants me to put in logon details for my account. The thing is I dont think I ever set the logins to have passwords - in fact I am sure I never did. I have tried with mine, my wifes and the general logon to try and get in to no avail. Is there a standard XP administrator account perhaps? Or is there a way of resseting all, I know a battery reset is available for the bios but this is for the Windows accounts. Any ideas please? Its not like its the end of the world as its only a backup laptop, but I am a bit worried as to why it has happened.


    Leave It Blank Just Click Enter

    Is The Log In Administrator If So Just Click Without Password .

    Its An Update That Does This From Microsoft

    by default the administrator account has no password so you'd leave that blank, then you can set a password for your own account if you wanted to. but you'll probably find that you've just installed software that uses .net and this can sometimes turn on the requirement to enter username and password. you can set this back to the normal welcome screen quite easily though

    Open up control panel, then open user accounts.
    Delete all accounts other than the "admin" one and "Guest". ( It will usually just be one other account you need to delete ).

    If for any reason the problem still exists (it should not if you follow the instructions given above), download SiW, which is a standalone (non-install) program that will recover all passwords on your PC. Look for "Eureka" in Tools.
    ]SiW Download

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    Thanks people, Il give it a go later on and report back. Cheers!

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    Duh! Just leaving it blank worked - thanks to all of you for your help! Must have been the download from Microsoft or AVG I guess..

    rep added to you all btw
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