windows laptop or chromebook for my situation?

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Found 9th Jan
Hi all- We currently have a windows laptop - I currently use it mainly for amending word documents for (CV's) and OneNote - The wife also needs it lots for her work, so we are looking at getting another -

She definitely needs the windows laptop for what she does -

Do you think I could get away with a chromebook for my needs? Basically - Email/amending word documents/internet. I like this route as it would be cheaper than a laptop - I know there are alternative versions of word available -but not sure how easy it would be to just swap everything over to using a chromebook -

Thanks - Charlie.


You'll get some formatting discrepancies switching back and forth between Chromebook and PC. Wife uses a chromebook at work but ends up using her personal laptop as much as possible. Personally I'd buy a second hand Dell / Lenovo laptop and not go down the chromebook route

It's fairly straightforward, you can either use google docs to open the word docs or download microsoft's online version of word onto the chromebook.

Both can be used in chrome with a google account on a laptop so you could try before you buy.…ut/…ajg

Both Word Online and OneNote Online are surprisingly good and full-featured (much more so than the mobile apps).

Chromebook. I find it's great. But get big screen and highest ram. If you use Google for most things then there is a good match between phone and chrome "laptop". Can't comment on Word online as only use it occasionally as Google suite is fine. Chromebooks are very fast at starting similar to phones I suppose. Not had a Windows operating system for a while but getting on line times always use to bug me.
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Thanks all - Will have a proper look tomorrow before deciding -

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