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    I have just had to do a system restore on my HP PC, is it possible to copy over some program settings and installs from my older profile? (my PC keeps older versions of desktops etc in Documents & Settings) I know I can probably copy the desktop layout fairly easily but i'd rather not reinstall gfx drivers and Office? any ideas or quick programs that can do this? many thanks, M


    Theres two kinds of system restore, one is the MS windows one, the other is better referred to as "A Factory Restore", is it the second you have done?, on an HP all the drivers should be there anyway.., but the answer is no anyway.
    Profiles or accounts are there from the day you create them and the only things to wipe them is a deletion or re-install of windows, if you have done the second the data will be there but it is up to you to move it around appropriately.

    You also cannot copy across program files, you have to do a full install of each program.

    This is because during a product install a number of Windows files are updated, including one called the Registry.

    The Registry is possibly the most important file in Winodws as it keeps track of all the programs installed, how they behave and so on.

    If you just copy copy program files across the registry is not updated and so the program wont work.

    Full install it is I am afraid.

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