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Posted 31st Jan 2023
Hi all,

Does anyone know where you can buy a cheap windows serial number?

I've got an old work computer that I want to repurpose.

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  1. johnptr126's avatar
    There are literally free ways with no risk of shady software to unlock your windows. If you google Microsoft Activation Scripts the one posted on github is legit and really easy to use, Ive used it myself and I can recommend it.
  2. pekoz1's avatar
    What make is it? Im not an expert but I thought thought Dell and HP's had their windows keys (not office keys) in their firmware from something like Windows 8 onwards.

    So it doesnt ask you for a key at all when you reinstall windows. Its already in the machines firmware.

    Ive done this with plenty of Dell's over the years....
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Old win7 old? Any old W7 will upgrade to W10>11 for £zero, inc the bendy versions of W7.
  4. dan444's avatar
    No it's on Windows 10. But on a corporate license. So when I reinstal from scratch it will want a new license number
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    It'll run fine without a key, you just won't be able to set your fave cute cat pic as the desktop image.

    Otherwise if the hardware can tolerate W7 enough for a W7 installation to call home to MS:
    an exercise of bendy W7 > W10 will tick all the boxes for MS.
  5. jameshothothot's avatar
    Allkeyshop is for price comparison. Gamers outlet is usually good for me. Should be windows 10 pro for a few quid. .

    Though you say it already has a corp licence. It might still work when you reinstall windows fresh. Give it a try and see what the registration page says on windows after.

    Good luck!
  6. IAmATeaf's avatar
    As above, most corporate laptops/desktop have a licence key embedded in their BIOS so should just be a case of installing the correct version, normally Pro and and away you go.
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