windows update

    the latest windows update is 343.9 Mb
    can i delete any old updates to save my computers memory. i think this latest one is service pack 2 for vista.



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    can you explain...?


    each update, only udates what you havent got, not the entire lot

    344mb ain't a lot of space - how big is your hard drive?

    technically you can... but some updates (e.g. service package) are critical to your overall OS stability & security...
    thats what we've got to live with for using windows...

    there are other ways to free space:

    try this first: Start - All programs - accessories - system tool - disk cleanup see what it offer you

    second: start - control panel - add/remove program (XP) - program & updates (vista) and uninstall whatever programs you dont need

    third: reduce the system pagefile

    if thats not helpful, thry to search, download and install "erase"

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    rep given to good advice . thanks everyyone
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