Windows update yesterday update my PC to different account - lost folders - Help!

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Yesterday I updated my windows 10. After the update it looked as if it was afresh install of windows and i had lost everything. The desktop and everything was new - no folders, etc.

After a fair while on the internet found some solutions, thankfully I found all my folders under C drive under my user name. Weirdly all my photos and documents will not recognize the software to open them up like word, excel, pictures, etc. and even some of the software does not open and I am having mouse and keyboard issues - reverted to USA region.

Any help will be appreciated in how I can revert back before the upgrade or at least have access to the folders like I used to before. I have checked into my account settings and can only see my original user name but I know that is not true as it is hidden in my C drive, almost as if its cloned, so worried i may have a virus?

Just in case I have backed everything up but really want to go back to old folder structure.

Thinking about it , I may have used Advanced Systemcare 11 to fix and update the PC

Any help is appreciated.
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Should always fully backup your files before update I'm not sure if you can after a os update Google it
Advanced Systemcare is malware. It does sound like your PC has not had any updates but it’s been restored PC which explains why some files are not opening so you would need to reinstall programs
Do a System Restore to an earlier Time, why are you using Advanced System Care to Win10 Updates, you should be using Windows?

You should always do a Back Up on a regular basis, and almost certainly before any update.

Download and run Malwarebytes to check your system.
sounds like you have used a third party tool. First thing would be to remove that and not use random software found online in the future.
ccnp1 h, 46 m ago

With the information you have provided in the post, NO-ONE can give you a …With the information you have provided in the post, NO-ONE can give you a 100% accurate answer. You need help from someone who looks at your PC, reads the error msgs, looks at the logs and understands what they are doing. I have added a link below with some useful info.Your first port of call needs to be a full scan of the disk using a good Anti Virus solution. Preferably using the option to boot from something other than your C: drive. If you plug any USB sticks.drives in, be prepared to junk them as any infection could be spread via them to other PCs.Have a read of this use Kaspersky and rate it highly. (and yes, it means the Ruskies are reading my data but that's only instead of the Yanks or the Chinks or the Indians etc etc)


Appreciate te help - any bit helps.

Ran malwarebytes - no issue found.

trying to go for system restore.

Been using Advanced Systemcare for years without an issue. Plus Malwarebytes.

So surprised it did what it did but I am not convinced it is that software but will uninstall and run the system restore
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For future info, maybe consider using a clone / snapshot backup tool such as the freebie Macrium Reflect - this makes restoring the entire sytem to a previous date so much easier and definitely quicker, especially if your have a partition for OS+progs and another partition for data. Just a thought.…ree
Awesomeness-in-your-mouth5 h, 53 m ago

...but I am not convinced it is that software but will uninstall and run …...but I am not convinced it is that software but will uninstall and run the system restore

Presumably sys-res then uninstall, otherwise kinda pointless!
From what has been explained a system restore to an earlier date maybe pointless as it does sound like a refresh has been done. The last point of restore backup most likely would have been deleted.
Further information.

All my folders after the update are still there. Everything. It's as if a new account has been created but I am able to access the folders through C drive and then users.

I tried to restore but it said I had problem with c drive but would not repair. In addition it will not let me restore to an earlier date because some anti virus software is running, but I have uninstalled everything and run malwarebtytes.

I will try safe mode later.

Thanks for all the help.

By the way, i do back up, but even making that statement is not really useful to what I asked.
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