Windows Vista Basic - Windows Media Player

    Hey, Im trying to watch some videos on here, but they're all the audio is out of sync.

    I have 896MB RAM

    Can anyone help me?



    Try using VLC media player. It plays anything you throw at it including incomplete files. Might not sort it if it's a problem with the file, but sometimes makes a difference:

    Original Poster

    Its not the file, its vista, it did it when i had vista on my pc too.


    Its not the file, its vista, it did it when i had vista on my pc too.

    What about sound on music/Games?

    Could be a driver issue possibly?

    Original Poster

    Games are fine, same as music.

    Its just films/episodes like heroes. which is what im attempting to watch

    Try VLC player, Its the best IMO, Seems to play everything fine!

    Original Poster

    Thanks it works

    Yeah, VLC is better at playing the files than windows media player in MOST cases.

    bsplayer and vlc are much better than windows media player

    i have no problems with them

    best thing about vlc is no need to download codecs
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