Windows Vista Home Basic to Home Premium/Ultimate

    Seeing that I think I have missed out on the Windows 7 Deals, I am looking to upgrade my laptop to home premium or ultimate vista.

    It is currently running home basic

    Just wondering what I need to purchase as I have seen upgrades and full version and there is a fair bit of difference in price.

    Also how do you know whether 32 or 64 bit is suited to your laptop.
    Also, if I decided to sell my laptop in the future, what version would I need to buy to make sure it is legal to sell?

    Lastly, would I lose all of my files such as microsoft office 2007 etc if I installed a new one of these?



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    Out of interest, why are you wanting to upgrade if you don't know what the different versions will offer you?…spx

    have a look there, see if you really want/need to upgrade first.

    There will be more Win7 deals once it is released. Just sit back and relax until it is on the market.

    I too wonder why you feel you need to upgrade, what feature or features are you hoping to gain.

    While I always suggest people buy Vista Home Premium rather than Home Basic, now you have Home Basic I cannot see much justification to go to Home Premium.

    And I can see absolutely NO reason to go to Ultimate.

    Since you ask your laptop is probably running 32 bit Windows.

    With respect OP, you don't really sound that computer literate so you should either stick with what you've got or get Windows 7 later. You won't get much benefit from changing up your Vista Basic tp Prem or Ultimate, just a few more bells and whistles that you can probably live without.

    Changing your Windows won't make your laptop illegal, providing it's a legit copy.

    "upgrade" to XP 64

    post your processor and we will tell you if you want 64bit (my guess is not).



    Wait for Windows 7 next month, Vista is crap in comparisson.

    Vista isn't that bad, and also windows 7 is going to be similar to vista apart from being able to use all of the XP software and accessories as well (only what i have been told)
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