Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit OS - Cheapest?

    Where can i find the cheapest Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit OS? The retail most preferred because i will be able to install on a different motherboard, as OEM is locked to the specific motherboard it is installed to, so if i upgrade my motherboard (As i got the 780i, may want to change to 790i somewhere down the line) i won't have to purchase another Vista Licence.

    Thanx in advance, Zukky.


    >i will be able to install on numerous systems

    Even though it is the Retail version you can only install it on one computer at a time.

    Read this discussion on HUKD about 64 bit Vista…on/

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    No sorry what imeant to say is - That i would be able to install on one system then if it fails i.e. motherboard failiure or something happens i can reinstall on another system. It was like 3am when i was writing that, sorry! I'll edit.

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    So anyone?
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