windows vista lost my internet favourites

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Found 12th May 2008
For some reason my favourites list is no longer there,im using vista and this happend to be before about 6 months ago on another pc,is this a common problem?thing is when i go to re add all my old favs it comes up with a msg saying there already there!!!grrr....

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Are you sure you've lost them? clicking on the star top left, whent the panel appears, there are three options. Have you selected "feeds" or "history" instead of favourites?

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no its on favs


are you using IE? Try firefox and then IMPORT favourites.


are you using IE? Try firefox and then IMPORT favourites.

Unless they've changed it in 3.0, firefox will copy the favourites and covert them into it's own format so that won't help fix them.

Have you tried moving them out of the folder, opening IE then closing it, then moving them back in?
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