Found 27th Jan 2008
I am looking to buy a laptop. Do i get Vista or XP? Advice please



forget both get a mac

at the moment for compatibility purposes XP is better and faster but all new PC's and laptops are going to come pre installed with Vista. Vista will get better once service pack 1 is released which i believe is quite soon. so get a laptop with as high a spec as possible and Vista will run fine.

dont get a mac

xp definate.
vista driving me mental in work.
( I fix pcs and internet connections)

I have XP on the PC and Vista HP on my laptop and Basic on my other laptop, i like vista, never had a problem, the only thing is finding the updated drivers for your periphials

have two laptops one xp one vista ,like xp better..only good thing on vista is photography section

service pack one for vista has had good reviews from the beta testing. I agree with pcnutta but all the new ones come with vista already on them so its going to replace xp in the home side of things anyway. might aswell give in and use it! remember XP was as bad when it was released. besides theres loads of tweaks you can apply to make it run better and I work for a Broadband provider in technical support and have no problems with customers using vista regarding internet connections.

Mac OSX, but if you really have to have some Windows variant then go for XP all the way.

looking forward to my new pc coming 2morow with VISTA. on anouther note ive these philips speakers with base unit. Base untils been popping violently lately! no idea why as ive not changed a thing. could it be to do with not anough power input? Its driving me mad!

Vista, why pay for an old system that's being dropped. :?

Make sure the laptop has good speed and memory though to get all the benefits of Vista.
I love it, very user friendly.

Only the old guys will say XP :whistling:

XP wont be dropped for a few years. windows 98se was supported by Microsoft right up until late 2006 early 2007 and XP was there most popular OS to date. with support due to continue for a few years yet!

and 24 isn't all that old I don't think lol!

vista all the way, i have had a shitload of problems with vista drivers though. Possibly because i am running ultimate as well but in some cases it gets that bad that a reformat is only fix.
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