Windows Vista Recovery Disc

    Hi there

    I'm after a Windows Vista Recovery disc for Acer 5633.

    Any ideas? Also I have found this site, has anyone used this before?…all

    Laptop is getting too slow!



    Try this…asp

    A restore and recovery disc is the single most important accessory to have with your new laptop.

    It allows you to reset your computer to its factory settings and wipe your hard drive clean of programs and data. You may need to use it in the event of a virus, programme corruption, or simply to give your laptop a new lease of life and clean off unwanted information, and without it your laptop could be rendered useless leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

    With this product you can save yourself the hassle of having to create your own backup discs and restore data, allowing you to easily reformat the hard drive and restore the computer to its default factory settings in minutes, ready for a fresh start.

    Must be purchased with a laptop

    I would imagine seeing you already have one, you can quote the serial number of the laptop to get it.

    the userguides ones is basically just a driver disk. you could d/l the same drivers from acer for free

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    I called them but they said they do not have any more so try and give Acer a call who charge £70!

    I'm thinking of getting a Vista Recovery disc (from MS) and then install drivers from the Acer site?

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    Any ideas?

    With acer's you're supposed to make your own. Another cost saving measure.

    well a ms disk will set you back £60 anyway??, as stated most acers come with ability to create their own recovery disk, look under the acer utils in "all programs" menu


    Microsoft disks are about £3.75 delivered, I have a 32bit and a 64bit … Microsoft disks are about £3.75 delivered, I have a 32bit and a 64bit sitting on my shelf that I bought earlier in the year from a deal posted on here.

    thought they'd stopped that for being abused lol, phoned ms the other week to get some disks and the dumbass tel person emailed me a list of oem licence suppliers

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    Thanks for the help people!

    Its all been sorted.




    Thanks for the help people! Its all been sorted. Thanks

    How did you sort it please as I have just bought an acer and the recovery disk was NOT included and the utility for making your own wouldnt work (just sat there without burning anything)?

    Acer CS were useless so they have now lost a future potential customer :x

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    A friend took my laptop for a day.

    Basically Acer had provided Vista upgrade discs, so he booted the Vista Upgrade Disc and it gave an option to upgrade OS or clean install. Chose clean install and it removed the OS and reinstalled it, then later used CD2 of the Vista upgrade pack for the drivers. Now all works fine!

    If you call laptops direct....When I enquired about the recovery disc they had a look for me but it wasn't stock. They didn't ask me many questions about where I bought the laptop from! He was about to order when he saw none were in stock.

    Just remembered, as they use a generic serial number you should be able to just download a copy of vista then use that serial number to install a fresh copy of vista on the laptop.
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