Windows XP

    I have a fujitsu laptop and its full of viruses and stuff, I want to reinstall windows but have lost the original cd, if i install from a copied cd but use my original key will everything be ok ?

    i can then re install the drivers from the fujitsu website.


    That should work fine as long as you make sure it's the same version of windows (home / pro).

    There is a chance that the serial used to install is different than the one printed on your sticker. Get a program for reading the serials and then compare the two.
    I know thats the case for Vista installs, but im not sure if they did the same for XP.

    Normally YES.

    That is on the assumption that the copy of XP isOK...

    Pop in your code and away you go.

    Alternatively, windows 7 (is it)?? Is just out.. You could always try and download that from the usual sites?

    It a bit like Vista but without the annoying bugs and what not theyrecon... It has just passed Beta Testing....

    But yes it should work all thins being equal.

    Otherwise try Windows Live One Care to see if that can get rid of your virus, or AVG perhaps, but I know what you mean about total re-congfig etc.. been there done it many times!

    sometimes with branded computers the oem is a special coa, most cases it will work but bear in mind it might not recognise you code, you can ask fujitsu for a replacement

    Original Poster

    will give it a shot with the copied cd, if it fails will call fujitsu

    phone fujitsu, some manufactors (who don't send media) will send you the cd, If you have formated (or fdisked)

    Quick look on flea bay? I'm sure you'll find a fujitsu XP CD for under £5.

    I think I've got one I'll post you down for a fiver, if you like?

    Should work as long as the XP CD is OEM rather than retail, I frequently rebuild people's laptops with Dell OEM XP CDs even though they aren't Dells - it accepts the serial from the CoA without issue.


    use the Key on the sticker, it will work, even if its a different version of windows xp


    i can supply you with a windows xp professional Sp3 retail disc , 100% genuine & Legit !
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