Windows xp booting problem

    I'm having problems in loadin my pc which runs xp and I try to turn it turns on to the POST page and then goes to a page with options on such as safe mode and run normally but all options take me to either a blue screen or goes back to the POST page so is there anything I could do


    what do you mean by the POST page?


    what do you mean by the POST page?

    power on self test

    Try reloading XP from CD. If that fails, you've probably got a knackered hard drive

    Just had a PC at work yesterday with the exact problem . Would boot up giving the usual options , safe mode , normal ,last known..............Tried every option but the screen would flash [BSOD] for a second and re-boot . I just re-installed XP and it's fine again . XP must have been corupt . Seen this sort of thing happen after MS updates .The good thing , there was only the basic programs on .ie Offfice , Firefox and a Science program , so there was nothing to save/recover .If it was any other PC/laptop I normally take the drive out and link it to another PC/laptop and transfer/copy the data off before a re-install.
    Do you have much personal data on the drive ?

    If you're getting looping startups like that,

    i.e. POST -> Boots from HDD -> Blue screens then restarts on loading windows -> POST -> Boots from HDD -> Blue screens then restarts on loading windows -> so on and so on.....

    It's usually caused by some kind of hard disk corruption.

    Thing to try first (before you wanna go reinstalling windows), is boot from an XP disc (assuming you're running XP). Allow it to load, press 'R' for recovery console when prompted.
    Log onto your windows installation (C:\Windows)
    Administrator password is just blank in most cases.
    when you get to a prompt (C:\Windows\>) type:

    chkdsk /r
    press enter!

    That will scan your hard disk for errors and hopefully correct them.

    Then type 'exit' and press enter.

    Take the CD out.

    Hopefully your computer will boot properly now!

    Should run some checks on your hard disk to check it's healthy.

    There is a known problem with Microsofts latest updates note MS10-015 KB977165 is causing windows problems for XP. Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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    Thanx all but don't have cd it had built in recovery
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