Windows XP disc and Activation key needed.

    I would welcome advice on the cheapest way to get hold of a copy of Windows XP.
    I have an Asus Eee pc and my 30 day period is up using a disc i had lying around and i can't even log on now and can't activate it as i dont have the key.


    For a quick fix while waiting for your new xp start the pc in safe mode and use system restore to restore the pc back then you should have access to the pc for now.

    You could try to bypass the windows validation i have done this a few times in the past ]here is a website that may help you its quite easy to do not sure how legal it is but if you have the officail windows cd i cant see the problem failing that give microsoft a call and explain to them

    aida32 is a program that displays the windows number ( if you dont have a sticker on it)…tml

    i tend to take a trip to the local tip quite a lot, and always have a quick look to see what PC's are in there.XP has been around a few years now, and you''d be surprised what you find down there sometimes.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, rep given, no joy though as System restore is turned off and cant be turned back on in safe mode. The discs i have are ones that just turned up by courier one day from Dell so not much chance of getting sympathy from Microsoft !
    Microsoft will validate for £63 , other option i have looked at is buying a cheap base unit , best i have found is £158 with XP Basic not sure what i could sell the base unit on for though with no OS.

    buy a 2nd hand os

    i was naughty and downloaded my windows XP... its a College one(used for showing people how to install windows XP). which means theres not need to activate it and it works fine. passes all the genuine windows product tests.

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

    There is a company who audits software for companies - and then stores the spec of the software and hardware for them. It even offers this in an html format.

    Which is then crawled by google - and an interesting google search reveals...…ta=

    Install Linux instead and you are not open to idiotic things like this!

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    Thanks again. I am looking at 2nd hand ones at the moment.

    Regarding Linux, the Asus Eeepc comes with it installed but unfortunately Nokia PC suite will not run on it and my only reason for having the Asus was for internet on the move and connecting through my phone va '3' network was the cheapest option.
    I am seriously considering though if all this hassle and mounting expense is worth it just so i can leave my larger laptop at home !

    use piratebay dear :roll: :pirate: :-D
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