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    Hi, i'm looking to buy a new windows xp disk(home edition) as the one i have has bad scratches on it

    i've fully formated computer (as advised to do so every 9-12 mths on the window web site) and re loaded it but computer crashes every 20 mins or so, worse when there are lots of moving pictures.

    When i load the disk it does say that something did not complete but I'm not hot on computers to know what to do,

    I've done the polish thing and the brasso buff on the disc but no joy.

    cheapest legal version please.

    Oh something registry comes up some times but mainly a driver message.




    as you have a legal licence for xp you dont actually have to buy a new disk.

    if you can make a copy of the one you have without problems and use that you arnt breaking any laws

    or if a friend has one thats the same that is ok too

    otherwise you could contact m$ for a new disk but that would take ages

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    thanks for the help jimbo,
    I don't have facilities to copy disks and all my friends seem to have the non legal versions for some reason,

    I'll try contacting microsoft to see what they say. I've lived with this for a year now so a few more months will not bother me.

    karma coming your way, thanks again.

    heres the cheapest Windows XP Home Edition Ive seen
    £58.69 inc VAT its on the deal for today on the main page

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    thanks i'll have a look
    fizzie x

    thats for a new licence, you dont need to waste money doing that!!!

    phone M$ they will probably ask for your licence key which is usually on a sticker on your tower case and the hopefully will send you one

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    cool, i'll do that tomorrow and let you know how i got on,
    cheers again

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    microsoft will not replace the disk as i never got it from them, passed to manufacturer of computer, THEY don't deal with software or discs advised back to MS, :x round the houses and 2 days of call later i phone the company that built the computer and they tell me that all i need is any copy of windows xp legal or not, format computer with this disk and just add my code. :oops:

    if i knew that i would have used my next door neighbours disk 15 months ago.

    :x :x :cry:

    That's what Jimbo was hinting at fizziebabes.

    It's a crazy world we live in where they make it so hard to do things "properly". They'll threaten to toss you in jail for pirating software but when it comes down to requesting support on damaged software you're told to use a pirated copy or whatever!! Their model of distribution is obviously severely broken...

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    Borrow Other Geezer's Old Fake

    hiya, ive got an xp home cd that you can have. have you got the COA on the outside of your pc? if so, you can have the cd, use your own coa, you aint breaking any laws.


    its probably cause your windows is oem, and microsoft wont support you on that its up to the pc supplier. if it was retail they have to give you new disk.
    your pc supplier should be able to give you a copy of any xp home disk legally.
    to be honest as long as you can get hold of it and xp home oem disk will do. i dont think the retail ones will work, so you must check on that.
    also make sure you dont try using an xp pro disk or a restore pack from another pc because they wont work!
    as silver said, as long as you have the coa/product key your not breaking any laws

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    I have a legal code on computer,

    hiya, ive got an xp home cd that you can have. have you got the COA on … hiya, ive got an xp home cd that you can have. have you got the COA on the outside of your pc? if so, you can have the cd, use your own coa, you aint breaking any laws.

    if it is spare i would be greatfull for the disk,
    thanks all.

    Hello again.
    if you email me your name and address, i'll get one shipped out when im next posting.

    [email protected]
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